Move Guidelines

  1. SAVE MONEY -- let the movers move the largest bulky items and you take the small ones in your car. (Only small items in sealed boxes will be moved by the movers).
  2. PLEASE BE AS ACCURATE AS POSSIBLE -- because your move is priced according to the points that you give us when you set up your move. The points can be changed up until the day before the move without penalty simply by calling the office during normal working hours. Points added the day of the move are at double the normal rate. No reductions or credit will be given for fewer points on the day of the move.
  3. THE MOVERS CARRY NO TOOLS -- anything needing to be disassembled or disconnected must be ready before movers arrive. (Items that are not ready will be excluded from the move without refund.) You should leave only clothes in drawers and they should be taped shut. All reasonable efforts will be made to get large items out of / into your residence. If this is not possible the item will be left at that location without refund.
  4. TRAFFIC, WEATHER, ETC. -- please allow (and be at home) one hour on each side of the scheduled move to allow for these variables. The schedule should be considered firm but is subject to availability of crews and equipment. There will be an extra $30.00 charge for same day customer requested rescheduling, per half-hour of mover waiting, and for customer no-shows.
  5. CONTROL YOUR MOVE -- you should stay at the move loading location and then lead the movers to your new location.
  6. EXCEPTIONALLY FRAGILE OR VALUABLE ITEMS -- you should move these items in your car. (Example: jewelry, china, crystal, lamps, shades, plants, pictures, mirrors and glass tops/shelves.) If this is not possible please ask for special arrangements if necessary.


This is a contract for household goods moving services and is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this document and any addendums from your local mover.
The person(s) being moved hereby designates to act as their agent to accomplish the described move using your local moving company’s best judgment at the direction of the person(s) being moved. The local moving company doing your move hereby accepts the responsibility for accidental damage and loss of the person(s) property being moved as follows: All parties hereby designate an agreed value of sixty cents ($.60) per pound per article with this being the only liability for damage or loss. All parties expressly disclaim and exclude liability for wear from normal use, adjustments, consumable or expendable items, loss of revenue, damage from road hazards and accidents, fire, and acts of God including, but not limited to rain, wind, flood, hail, sun damage and damage caused by improper packing, and any other economic or moral loss or direct, immediate, special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages.
Claims not made within ninety (90) days in writing to your local moving company’s office are null and void. Your local moving company will not move items that do not conform to the guidelines posted at The person(s) being moved agrees to protect and defend and hold harmless for damages or legal consequences resulting from acts your local mover performs at the direction of the person(s) being moved.
The person(s) being moved acknowledges the inherent risk of moving and will expect and look to their insurance company to provide insurance coverage against loss or damage.
If any portion of this agreement is held invalid then all other portions shall remain in full force as a total agreement. Any warranties, agreements or claims made orally are excluded and this agreement supersedes all other agreements and represents the total agreement between the three parties.
The contracted move price listed last below is binding and will not change unless the conditions you gave the company change. This contract price is for listed points and services only.

Your Rights and responsibilities when Moving